10 Most Unique and Uncommon Jobs

10. Veterinary Acupuncturist

I have never done acupuncture, but know many who preach on it and have it done on their animals! As part of the ancient Chinese tradition, it can be used to treat chronic pain, allergies, and other syndromes. These magic workers make around $80,000 annually.

9. Body Art Model

Don’t most people say they hate one part of their body but love another. Well, you don’t have to have a hot body for this one, just part of a hot body. Attractive hands might do the trick for holding that beautiful flower or fancy product and will compensate you up to $75,000 a year.

8. Line Stander

You might love concerts or want to catch the best deal on Black Friday. Call up a professional line-stander. Businesses like TaskRabbit will take your service needed, match you with a line stander who charges an hourly rate and get the job done.

7. Ayurveda Healer

As a thousand-year-old traditional of Indian medicine, Ayurveda aims to balance your bodily systems by incorporating natural or plant-based remedies. With natural wellness on the rise, this one is becoming much more popular in the coaching world. Annually, the average income is $74,530.

6. Fragrance Chemist

Become an expert on odor molecules if you have a chemistry degree. These chemist test fragrances for both men and women’s perfume, toiletries, lotions, soaps and more. Most hold high-level degrees earning around $71,000 annually.

5. Hippotherapist

Did you know that the Latin word “hippo” means horse? That’s right, these therapists use the natural movement of horses as part of a patients treatment plan whether its physical, speech psychological or occupational therapy. The horses’ pelvis has a three-dimensional movement that mirrors the physiology of the human walk. The salary for a position like this is around $70,000.

4. Gold Ball Diver

Do you enjoy scuba diving and are certified to do so and need some extra money? Look no further than the golf course! Go golf ball hunting in the murky, algae, muddy waters of golf course ponds and lakes. If you can handle some nasty conditions, you’ll walk away making between $50,000-$100,000 annually.

3. Pick-up Artist Instructor

These are most often like a boot camp and can cost you up to $5000 but if your that man who is terrified of confronting a beautiful girl, one of these might be your answer. “PUA’s” are famous in some areas, such as the well known James Matador.

2. Professional Snuggler

Are you feeling down and need some physical attention….no, not that kind! Call up a (non-sexual) snuggler to ease your nerves or relax your mind and body for only $60-$80 dollars an hour. Be smart about it or you might end up needing to call a great attorney like Houston sex crimes attorney, Paul Darrow.

1. Odor Judge

As a highly specialized field, one who can distinguish and compare smells successfully can find a job as an armpit sniffer, paper towel sniffer, or a Halitosis judge (bad breath). An annual salary ranges from $20,000-$52,000 a year.

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