Although Car Seats Save Lives, Over Half of Them are Abused

The Texas Department of Transportation is reminding parents that one of the most crucial things they can do to protect children is to properly install and utilize a car seat. Vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death for children in the country. 

46 percent of all infant car seats, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), are being utilized improperly.

In conjunction with National Child Passenger Safety Week, which runs from September 18–24, TxDOT’s “Save Me With a Seat” campaign launches in September. 

The campaign encourages parents to identify the closest TxDOT Traffic Safety Specialist in their region by visiting and entering their ZIP code to schedule a free car seat safety check. TxDOT provides free car seat safety inspections all year long.

In the Atlanta District in 2021, which covers Harrison and Marion counties, there were ten passenger car collisions, which led to eight major injuries and three infant deaths. Children aged 8 to 12 suffered two fatalities and five serious injuries as a result of five-passenger vehicle collisions in the Atlanta District that same year.

When used properly, child car seats can lessen injuries and avert fatalities when kids are involved in an accident, according to Marc Williams, executive director of TxDOT. “We strongly advise parents to schedule a car seat inspection now to make sure they are utilizing the appropriate car seat for their child safely and properly.”

The “Save Me With a Seat” campaign will be visible on Texas highways in September as it deploys an interactive truck equipped with digital screens to tour the state. The digital truck will make visits to 11 cities, making appearances at public gatherings and other busy places. 

The “Save Me With a Seat” campaign messaging, and video content will be shared by the digital truck while it is still to inform parents and caregivers about the importance of car seat safety. Billboards, radio and TV commercials, internet and social media, and billboards contribute to this public outreach.

With the “Save Me With a Seat” campaign, drivers are reminded that Texas law requires all children under 8 to be in a car seat whenever they ride in a passenger vehicle unless they are higher than 4 feet, 9 inches. 

A $250 fine may be assessed for failing to restrain a youngster appropriately. Under-13-year-old passengers should sit in the backseat and be adequately restrained by a safety seat or seat belt.

22 of the 78 children under the age of eight who died in road accidents in Texas in 2021 were not using safety restraints. Thirty-six kids between the ages of 8 and 12 perished in car accidents in 2021, with 13 of them being unrestrained at the time. 

According to NHTSA, installing child car seats in passenger cars can cut an infant’s chance of dying in a crash by 71% and a toddler’s risk by 54%. 

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