Pros vs Cons of Wearing a Mask While Driving

As a consequence of the outbreak of the coronavirus, socio-economic and physiological distress has spread globally. After the emergency was declared, the number of people traveling in cars has reduced significantly. However, you still need to get out of your house to get some basic necessities. Various frontline health workers are risking their lives every day. You most likely see so many people wearing masks when you go out. These masks are an absolute necessity as they do protect you from the virus. Still, there must be questions like, “Should you wear a mask while driving?” Or, “Is it necessary to wear a mask while you’re alone in your car?”

To Wear or Not to Wear a Mask

According to Health experts, there is absolutely no need to wear a mask if you’re alone in your car. You can think of your vehicle as an extension of your home. You don’t need to wear a face mask at home. Likewise, you can drive without covering your face. However, this answer changes when there are other passengers in your car. You are advised not to take or ask for lifts in this situation. Still, if there is an emergency situation where you have to carpool with a stranger, you must always wear a face mask.

Mask Time with Family?

One might argue that when you’re driving with your family, you shouldn’t wear a mask. The reason behind this is that you already live with them. Therefore, wearing a mask when you’re in your car with your family might seem very illogical. Hopefully, the next few lines will clear your confusion. According to Catherine Troisi, who is an infectious disease epidemiologist at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, there is absolutely no need to wear a mask if you are traveling with your family. She also added that you must keep a sanitizer as well as a face mask whenever you get out of your car. Other than that, it is safe not to wear a mask when your passengers are people with whom you spend your days. Other medical experts like Lisa M. Lee (public health expert at Virginia Tech) and Suzzane Willard (associate dean for global health as well as the clinical professor division of advanced nursing practice at Rutgers School of Nursing) also shared the same opinion.

The Right Face Mask

On 24th April 2020, a driver from New Jersey crashed into a telephone pole due to a lack of oxygen. According to the doctors, he was wearing an extremely tight N95 mask which restricted his breathing, leading him to lose his consciousness. The New Jersey driver probably isn’t the only one to experience a situation like that. It’s important to have an experienced attorney to help in cases like this. The Honolulu car accident lawyer at Shim & Chang “consult experts to reconstruct the accident, biomechanics to tell (them) if there are any defects in the vehicle, and highway traffic engineers to search for hazardous conditions in the road or roadside.” When finding the right attorney, make sure they are thorough in their process. Doctors even said that wearing an ill-fitted N95 mask may alter your blood chemistry, which would restrict you from breathing freely. Therefore, it is crucial for you to select a cover that does not restrict your breathing, especially during driving. Aaron Hamilton, a doctor at Cleveland Clinic, also advised to make sure that your mask is big enough to cover your nose and mouth, but it should never obstruct your vision. If you want to wear a mask while driving, always be sure to wear a mask that feels comfortable to you.

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