Celebrating 90 Years of Service — MO Highway Patrol

This year marks the 90th anniversary of the Missouri State Highway Patrol. It all began in 1931 with a superintendent, six captains, 55 troopers, and a few civilians, all credited with establishing the Patrol’s history of service and protection.

“Even though we’ve expanded and developed over the last 90 years, our primary goal is to keep our state safe. When you look back to the initial fleet of vehicles we had, it was 36 new Model A Ford Roadsters, one Ford Sedan, one Plymouth Sedan, one Oldsmobile, one Buick, three Chevys, and 12 Harleys,” says Lieutenant Eric Brown.

He further explains that Crime labs, driver testing, criminal records, gambling enforcement, and other divisions and responsibilities have been added to the Highway Patrol over the years.

Troopers, he claims, don’t even need paper to write a ticket. “In the car, they have a computer and a printer. The automobiles’ cameras, which record footage both inside and outside the vehicle, are now exceedingly high-tech and digital.”

The Patrol now has over a thousand members, stated a Kansas Car Accident Attorney.

A Letter from the Superintendent

“The Missouri State Highway Patrol has been answering the call to serve and protect the inhabitants of this wonderful state for nine decades,” says Colonel Eric T. Olson, superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

The full-service law enforcement agency you know today grew out of humble beginnings. “Countless natural disasters and major occurrences, rising social unrest, and, most recently, the coronavirus pandemic motivate us to remain Missouri‘s beacon of honesty, professionalism, and compassion,” the Colonel says.

 “The Patrol has faced crises, catastrophes, and obstacles throughout its existence, all of which have highlighted the true caliber of our members and mission.”

For the past 90 years, patrol employees have demonstrated to the public that they are women and gentlemen who serve and protect one contact, one stakeholder at a time. Their staff have been and will continue to be involved in the local communities. They are our neighbors, members of the school board, and community volunteers.

“We’re crafting a vision for the future as we reflect on how far we’ve come since 1931. Our mission is straightforward — to be professional, courteous, compassionate, resourceful, and accountable. We shall maintain the greatest level of integrity and treat everyone with respect. We will achieve greatness as a criminal justice leader and contribute to making Missouri a safe place to live and visit,” the Colonel adds.

The Patrol’s 1,191 members, 524 civilians in uniform, and 544 civilians are live examples of the organization’s vision, mission, and basic values. They are dedicated to the common task of keeping the State of Missouri protected at all costs.

“It is an honor for us to serve and defend the citizens of this magnificent state,” concludes Superintendent Colonel Eric T. Olson of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, who is more determined than ever to keep the state of Missouri safe. In the case of an emergency though, be sure to call a Kansas Car Accident Attorney like the ones at Smith Mohlman, LLC.


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