More Delta Variant Cases of COVID Confirmed in Fresno Valley, Numbers Expected To Rise

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, new variations and mutations of the virus have emerged all across the globe. The latest talk of the town is the Delta variant.

According to the World Health Organization, this particular variant is highly contagious and has been found positive in nearly more than 100 countries all across the world.

First detected in March, the delta variant is one of the four major concerning variants in the United States.

With an increase in cases in California, Fresno County has been hitting the headlines due to the dozens of positive patients it sees in a single day.

Overview Of The Current Situation

According to Dr. Stephanie Koch-Kumar, a renowned epidemiologist in Fresno County’s Department of Public Health, the delta coronavirus variant has been spreading rapidly all across the county and has affected people with its threatening symptoms.

She further added that the total number of hospitalized individuals remains uncertain due to a low testing rate. There has to be a further analysis done to determine whether or not the case represents the delta variant particularly.

According to early research, the delta variant not only spreads rapidly amongst the population but increases the risk of individuals facing several illnesses resulting in hospitalization.

In Fresno County, approximately 52% of its residents who are 12 years and above have received at least one dose of the vaccine which has caused the case rate to decline.

As per the words of Dr. Rais Vohra, an interim health officer in Fresno County, the current situation in the county is going in the right direction, and individuals need to stay vigilant and keep an eye out for the variants as the battle is not over yet.


When compared to other counties in California, Fresno County has a relatively higher percentage of its population who are vaccinated than counties like Central San Joaquin Valley, etc.

As per the data and statistics provided by, the total eligible vaccinated population is 840, 640 people.

Out of this aggregate, 386,288 individuals are completely vaccinated i.e. done with their first and second doses of the vaccine, 76,612 people are partially vaccinated, and 378,840 people are not vaccinated at all.

Major Concerns

Many medical professionals, such as Dr. Rais Vohra, feel that there is another storm brewing that can affect both vulnerable and non-vulnerable people. Some people, who don’t have the virus, can fall prey to this dangerous and deadly variant.

They feel that there exists a stigma amongst several people for the refusal of their vaccination. They recommend individuals to get their vaccination as soon as possible, as doctors feel that the variant is going to trigger yet another crisis amongst the unvaccinated population.

Furthermore, medical professionals have constantly been analyzing the situation across various countries to understand the trends of the mutations of the virus.

One of the major concerns of the delta virus strain is that it tends to affect the younger age groups quite severely, as they have witnessed several outbreaks in the primary and secondary schools of the UK.

Plan Of Action

The increase of the delta variant in Fresno County can only be reduced when the proportion of vaccinated people increases. The county plans to intensify this number by creating more vaccination drives either through mobile booking or pop up.

According to Joe Prado, an interim assistant director of the Fresno County Department of Public health, the county will partner with various community organizations to carry out more than 50 vaccination events by the end of June or in mid-July.


From the above discussion, it is quite apparent that the delta variant has been conquering Fresno County quite rapidly. The public administration of the county asks its residents for patience and flexibility and urges them to get vaccinated as soon as they can.

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