Prepare Your Car For Extreme Arizona Heat

A heatwave is about to hit the valley, and most likely, Arizona is about to experience another severe summer this year. When the climate is uncontrollable, why let your cars face the dire consequences of mother nature?

Three Quick Steps To Prep Your Car For Summer

It’s about time to prepare your car to thrive through this summer. David Martin, the owner of Martin’s Auto Repair in Phoenix, shares three quick steps that can prevent your car from losing its lustrous appearance and work just fine without giving you any troubles.

First and foremost, focus on the batteries. If the battery in your car is more than a year old, then it’s going to fail when the summer degrees hit their peak. So, getting the batteries checked would make sure that you can go tension-free this summer.

“We have a battery tester that tests the state of health of the battery, and that’s one of the things that we do for our customers when they come in even with services.” He said.

The next thing to look out for is the health of the tires and make sure it is ready to withstand the extreme heat and friction that is yet to come. Tires get easily damaged during high temperatures and can subsequently lead to blowing out.

David added: “That’s when you see tire carcasses on the road because the hot pavement in the tire will separate. And the next thing you know, you’ll have a blowout,”.

The final thing to check is if the car’s cooling system and the air conditioning system inside are working just fine. Additionally, make sure that it gives out enough cooling and not just make the noise.

If the cooling system of the car is not working just fine, then it can overheat in no time and before you know it, you will have to raise the bonnet in the middle of the road and stand there till the system is cooled enough. Further, if the AC gives you trouble, you will have to suffer the wrath of the heatwave and will have to lead an unhappy journey every time you get into the car.

Even though completely unrelated, David says to keep an eye on the wipers as well. With the monsoon season approaching, your car should be ready to face the downpour or a big storm at any time.


As the summers are approaching and the scorching heat is yet to hit the city, it’s better to take precautions so that your car doesn’t give any additional trouble and work just fine. Further, as a preventive measure, just in case you get caught up in some unfortunate situations, you can contact the Scottsdale Car Accident Lawyers at The Skiver Law Firm.


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