Masks Are The New Money Makers

Designer masks, medical PPE, N95, and cloth coverings have become a part of everyday life for Americans and the option for you is based on your needs along with public health.

It is important to know that the CDC (Center for Disease and Control) guidelines state that everyone should cover their face with a cloth mask as part of a method to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. This only applies when leaving one’s home and going out to public areas and it is noted that the mask is not a substitution for social distancing practices of remaining 6-feet apart. The CDC also has posted instructions on their website on how to make homemade cloth face covering to assist in the prevention of infected people from spreading the virus. The purpose of the cloth covering (or mask for short) is to prevent respiratory droplets from the mouth or nose of potentially sick people from getting into the lungs of others.

The CDC also makes a point to say that the public should not be using masks that are designed for medical professionals, such as the N95 mask. This is in part due to the scarcity of personal protective equipment for our medical professionals that are fighting the virus in the medical facilities and assisting those with the virus. The N95 masks are so scarce that currently hospitals are having their masks decontaminated and reused in certain states around the countries. There is such a demand regarding these that vendors that would normally supply huge quantities of these masks to companies in other fields are not supplying past a certain. If a company that was purchasing N95 masks previously for work, retailers are now limiting the amount they will provide.

Other Americans with jobs deemed “essential” have been allowed to go to work in states with Stay at home orders and while they go to work they are encouraged to wear cloth masks.
Some construction and maintenance workers have been wearing neon masks that look like sleeves off of extra large shirts. Other essential employees are wearing various other cloth masks that cover their mouths and wraps around their eyes.

Many states and counties have followed the CDC’s guidelines and given public notices that they are to wear masks whenever they leave their homes. Americans are now wearing masks in day-to-day activities like trips to the market, going outside for walks and exercise, and during work if they are fortunate enough to be working. Masks have begun to be quite the lucrative market with all kinds of masks being manufactured and sold online, and people at home who are trying to cash in on selling masks while their day jobs have been forced to their cut hours.

Disney has a new line of face masks featuring some of their most popular characters from the Star Wars universe such as Baby Yoda, R2-D2, and designs featuring Marvel characters as well. Disney is selling their masks for as much as $19.99 online, meanwhile GQ posted an article recently with some masks being sold for as much as $25.00 or even $30.00. Forbes also published an online article recently that talked about designer masks and pointed out that many designers have been creating masks out of inspiration for the need to emote in a world where our facial expressions are limited by masks. Many of the designer labels are pledging to donate masks for a certain amount sold.
However, while masks feature prominently in the daily life for Americans now, the government officials in charge of combating the spread of the coronavirus are eager to remind the public this is only temporary. In fact Vice President Mike Pence recently visited the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota this week and did not wear any mask despite criticism. Pence pointed out in defense of his actions that while masks are recommended to prevent the spread it will not prevent you from contracting the virus. Pence also pointed out that he and his staff are tested regularly and because of that there was no need for him to wear a mask since he cannot pass it on.

The future is temporary when it comes to the new practices Americans face during daily life however it is unsure how masks will be either phased out or into the social norm permanently.


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